Anonymous asked:
Your not alone, I'm really pleased you are getting better and overcoming what happened.

Thank you anon, I am over it, and I have been for a while now. It’s nice to be free


by gpdraws
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Jesse at work - inktober 5
Made with black, red, pink and blue ballpoint pens + white acrylic paint pen.
Yo, Jesse my old friend, it’s been a while that I didn’t deal with him. This one took way longer than my other inktober drawings - I initially planned to make quick sketches but, oh well, it seems that my love for details is stronger! Plus the reference picture was too much interesting that it worsted to spend several hours on it. I mostly worked like on my pencil drawings - The technique with ballpoint pen is all about pressure on the nib, gently for light shading, strong for dark and to keep a similar stroke. But I had to be very careful too because ink blob could happens in any moment… Otherwise, I had fun and great improvement, but now, I don’t feel the need to keep going inktober, I think it’s a good way to achieve it.

Brittany Schall
“Constantin Jacic”
9” x 12” Inches

22m underground structure as initiation of new natural system Araouane, Mali 1:20

Now im trying to change my job so pretty busy these days.
I wanna be tattoo artist in next year so now im learning designs and skills :) 
be a tattooer and i want to travel this world with my drawing skills..
(*anybody live in Poland, Slovakia or around there :D? My first travel will be there)
Have a good day guys!